Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What the world needs now...

I am in need of an intervention - to stop me buying pussybow blouses and pleated skirts. I have quite the collection. Actually, I am going to do a massive clean out and get rid of everything I haven't worn in the last few months....
But in the meantime, Asos has codes! Bonusten for an extra ten percent off....

I swear, since moving to Wagga I have started dressing like a packet of Skittles. I uses to wear all black all the time.

Such a pretty colour! Awesome as part of my bright colour addiction

Ok, just one more hat - it's awesome. I might even wear it to work:)

Yes, another pleated skirt. But I didn't have a red one!

Or a pink pussybow blouse. So pretty! I will clash it with the red skirt.


  1. Nothing wrong with more pussybow blouses and more pleated skirts if they work for you!

    Oh, you wanted an intervention...? ;)

  2. Hey Pop, if you are thinking of donating any of your old clothes we could really do with them for our lending library for disadvantaged women. No pressure, if you are selling them then please ignore the above :-)