Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eyes closed we dream

Yesterday I finally received my Asos order - the hats are all amazing (now I need an occasion!) but the maxi dress won't do up around my rib cage. Damn my freakishly wide rib cage! Debating over whether to sell on ebay or return it since Asos haven't refunded me for the last ones...

New House of Harlow ring from Ozsale

Never ordering from HopShopGo again! I paid $50!!!! for the shipping on this one tube of Mac concealer - look at the size of the box and the packaging. Ridiculous!

Fin insists on sitting directly on any item of clothing I put on the bed

Asos jeans, TB wedges, Witchery blazer, Zara top

I am delirious after a night of no sleep due to the thunderstorms


  1. Argh! I have a wide ribcage too! Drives me bonkers!!!

    And I am astounded at the box for that MAC concealer!!! Honestly... W.T.F?! And $50?! Madness!

  2. I LOVE those jeans! I desperately want a pair of hot pink jeans.

    Hahaha my cat sits on top of any piece of clothing I have on the bed too, drives me nuts! x

  3. My cats do this too! Also sit on freshly laundered and folded clothing :)

  4. Oh wow and j just read your adventure with HopShopGo... That is insane!