Monday, October 3, 2011


Today I have no energy to be creative with my outfit, packing has worn me down. I only have a few clothes left unpacked so frankly, they should be happy I am not wearing PJs. I am also covered in cat hair because I cannot find the pet roller.

I bought this dress in the Dotti sale - I wasn't sure about it but it was $15. Bargain.

Annoying light in the kitchen, damn daylight savings

Dotti dress, Asos belt, TB boots

Feeling really pissed off with Dorothy Perkins - I ordered a tux jacket 3 weeks ago, numerous emails to their Customer Service with no response (can they call it customer service if you don't get any service??). Finally got hold of them via phone, and they just said they would process a refund as it is now sold out! No explanations at all - they had better process a refund quickly. I am never shopping there again.

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