Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fierce Felines

Day 6 and 7 of leopard;) Challenge is over! It was good to drag out older pieces from the back of my wardrobe. Might have to try a colour clash challenge next....
Went to run the Lake to Lagoon today, only to realise I had forgotten my bib, so I just did the 5.5 kms around the lake instead. I need to be doing my assignment anyway.

Dotti hat, GP skirt, Asos belt, Sportsgirl top

Asos booties

Nudie jeans, TB booties, Supre cape thingy, AA tank

New Luella glasses. Now I just have to get the cash together to get the lenses fitted!

Naughty - broke my ban this week

Asos harness belt

Dotti pink jumper ($20)
Dotti pink skirt
Dorothy Perkins tux jacket

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  1. Hello, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! :) I love a lady who totally gets the whole idea of watching SATC reruns! :)

    Just like to say that I love the colour of your hair and especially your outfit with the hat on! Reminds me of the girl in the movie L'amant. Check it out! :)

    xoxo Achowchow