Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend Updates

It's already been one hell of a weekend.....I have spent most of today recovering from my mega headache.

Friday was offsite training - thankfully since the bogans stole the copper plumbing from our building resulting in raw sewage flowing through our carpark.

After work I went to see the free Paul Kelly/Neil Finn show for the opening of the Festival - wonderful show! To Her Door was my highlight, it's always been one of my favourite songs. After that it was Hot Dub Time Machine at the Fringe - a great night, resulting in an awesome hangover this morning.

Tonight was Big Band Burlesque - amazing! I wanted all of the costumes and the talent of course!

Zara dress

Training workshop - puzzles were done

Free concert

Hot dub

Hangover cure

Cute kitties

Jayson Brunsdon dress

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