Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Money Money Money

About to go on a spending ban (due to purchasing a house...). So the rule will be - I have $25 per week to spend on fashion, and I can save it to buy something more expensive, or get something small each week. So I suspect I will be sticking to Asos! The exception will be my trip to Adelaide in October, and then it will end at Xmas with my trip to Bangkok.

Starts Monday.....

Meanwhile, Asos is great - all this for $70! And I was thinking woah, that is so much money. To think I used to spend hundreds on one dress.

Asos Floral midi skirt

Asos 60s dress

Asos drape dress - hope this is as flattering as it looks

Asos bird dress

Asos heart blouse

Asos pleated skirt - I have a zillion pleated skirts now


  1. you got ALL of those items for $70?!

  2. All of them for $70!! That is a bargain! I have an asos order on the way, the extra 10% off was too tempting.


  3. I have the first skirt! It's reaaaaaaally long in real life! Gorgeous tho, :) xx